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Eloy City ~ Introduction

Eloy City represents a unique opportunity as Arizona’s premier Master Planned City to be realized during the initial quarter of the twenty first century.  Located on nearly ten thousand acres midway between the major urban centers of Phoenix and Tucson, Eloy City will ultimately be the home, workplace and leisure venue for upwards of thirty five thousand families.

This conceptual Master Plan has evolved according to the guidelines outlined within the Eloy Draft General Plan, and timeless sound planning principals proven the world over.  The plan incorporates all the diverse uses necessary to offer inhabitants a multi-faceted lifestyle within a two-mile radius distance.  Although more than ample vehicular parking is accommodated with efficient access and circulation, a secondary, bicycle, bridle and pedestrian path system ties all elements together, much of it through greenbelts.

Containing an aggregate density of 3.5 dwelling units per acre, Eloy City offers residential lifestyle from high-density urban condominiums overlooking the City Core Lake to large rural ranch estates.  Various single-family residences along with destination resorts border each of the four 18 hole championship golf courses.

Just east of the Central City Core and accessed by all three primary arterial streets is a 500-cre parcel allocated for a major regional attraction to serve as an anchor and catalyst for ongoing development.  This feature will be augmented by commercial, recreation and resort uses plus a golf course. 

Critical to the commercial infrastructure that provides venues for the full spectrum of business endeavors with the mixed use categories, significant land area is designated which will allow commercial retail, office and light garden manufacturing to be interwoven with residential areas.

Nearly eight hundred acres has been designated to accommodate light and medium manufacturing and garden industrial uses including pads for big box retail outlets. 

Significant land areas are allocated for all levels of educational uses from neighborhood elementary schools along greenbelts to a future community college. 

The sensible balance of uses combined with their appropriate blend in a mixed environment offers an exciting place to live in Eloy City.





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